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We haven’t gotten to work together much yet, but I thought this was a successful mission. And if we keep up this teamwork there’ll be more successful missions, and plenty more beer…

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Joe Russo: Let’s talk about Mackie for a second. It’s a reason we cast him is one, you know, I’ve never not seen a truthful moment from him on screen, and two, he has this incredible ability to combine charm and integrity. A difficult thing to do is to be funny and convey integrity at the same time.

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70/100 Chris Hemsworth Pictures


70/100 Chris Hemsworth Pictures

Lazy’s not the first word that comes to mind.
Dangerous? I understand, but truly it should be lazy, I just hide it well.

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Antoine Triplett + funniest lines

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i want to achieve “she’s adorable and i will protect her at all costs but also i am slightly frightened by her power”